“Our collective family and assorted four-legged children have been ardent admirers and loyal patrons of CDM Animal Hospital- and three generations of ‘Principal’ Doctors. Dr. Aten has been vital to the well being of our cats since he took ownership of the Hospital years ago. He and Dr. Hansen (who’s attended to various pets when Dr. Aten been away or unavailable) is an extraordinary talent. The entire staff is never less than professional, graciously welcoming and most saliently, caring. While no one (human or otherwise) looks forward to hospital visits – when it’s necessary- Dr. Aten et al, make it as productive and positive as possible.”

– Paul D, Facebook

“I am SO GRATEFUL for the loving kindness of Dr. Liz Hanson. She recently operated on my little chihuahua Shadow (took off a golf ball size tumor from her little breast) and Dr. Hansen was so incredibly professional and attentive!!! She got clear margins, and has been just wonderful with follow up phone calls and I cannot say enough about her bedside manner!!! She is the best of the best. I live in Mission Viejo and I gladly drive over 25 miles, just to see her and have her treat my dog.

I learned of Dr. Hanson through my sister Elisa, who spoke so highly of her as she cared for her older, ailing miniature greyhound Bella. The level of care was exemplary, and how compassionate Dr. Hanson was with my sister. I believe that Dr. Hanson gave Bella the very best quality of life and also let my sister know when the end was near. That dog lasted 18 years! Oh my!!

It is so important to feel like your little baby is in the best care, especially when encountering health issues. Unequivocally, Dr. Hanson is in a league of the ALL STARS. Her love and kindness are real!!!.”

– Melissa D, Yelp

“We have been coming to dr. Aten and his team at CDM Animal Hospital for 14+ years. They have amazing “bedside manner” and treat all animals with love, respect and the latest in veterinarian medicine. Thank you Dr. Aten!”

– Bob W, Facebook

“An absolutely terrific organization. They took care of our family pets for literally decades. They are more than just people who work at a place they are friends who helped out in a lot of crises over the years. Nothing but great things to say about every one here.”

– Scott M, Google

“We have been going to this clinic for 13 years. We have always had a great experience. The service is efficient and excellent. There is practically no wait time and our dog is handled very gently. We never used their boarding service as we have the option of leaving her with family. The staff is very friendly and efficient.”

– Samara A, Yelp

“The doctors and their staff are very nice and caring. They always take good care of us and our cats. I would recommend them to family and friends in need of a vet.”

– Sara K, Facebook

“The best vet in the world”

– Michael R, Google

“Hey there~  This review is long over due but now that I am 12 years old, I finally have a Facebook Page, Instagram & Yelp account to share stories and make new friends so, here it goes…

Dr. Aiten & the crew at CDMAH have been like family and throughout all these years, I couldn’t have asked for better care!!!   They have been taking care of me since I was a pup and being that I have definitely lived up to the cliche of being a “silly & CrAzY” lab, they have nursed me back to perfect health through broken bones, annoying skin infections, routine shots and most recently, helped guide me through a serious eye complication.

Thanks to their expert thoroughness & genuine regard for my well-being, I have always received the ultimate in care and have been blessed with continued good health with many great years ahead to look forward too!!   Dr. Aten has also expanded some of his care plans to include Laser therapy, which has been extremely helpful for my old arthritic joints that some of us old dogs tend to get… Ughhh!

Appointments are always easy to get and if it’s urgent, they always do their best to work me in as a drop off… Pricing is competitive and extremely fair.  Best of all, they are always stocked with inventory such as; meds, supplies, health care supplements & food.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to the entire CDMAH family… All of the Dr’s are the best and want to be sure all the Technicians, Assistants and front desk team know how much they are appreciated too!!

Thanks for all you do and without a doubt, my Mom wouldn’t trust anyone else with my health care so if your considering a change or seeking a place for your new Furbabe, we highly recommend CDMAH!!!”

– Hogan C, Yelp

“Dr. Aten is the best Veterinarian ever!! He took care of my cat Sasha for many of his 19 years!! Now he takes care of my cat Maverick, and he always will!! ”

– Tracy H, Facebook

“Very nice people. No rush. Thorough”

– Greg S, Google

“As a dog walker it’s very important that I have a trusty vet and staff that I can rely on. So finding CDM Animal hospital has been a god send. I refer all my clients here based on the personal care and amazing service I receive every time I walk through the door. They have an great groomer on staff and all of our dogs go in every Friday for bath day and my clients are absolutely thrilled to receive a clean and handsome looking pup ready for the weekend. Thank you to all of the staff that makes me feel like my own personal dogs and clients pups are apart of their family- and to the doctors for being so knowledgable and caring with each one of our pets. I know every dog that comes in here will be well taken care of. Love love love! Try them out!
Orange County Pet Care”

– Jillian S, Yelp